Armored Floors Inc. crack repair serves as an excellent means to beautify any tired and worn out concrete surfaces. Regradless of the present state of the concrete surface our installation professionals can not only repair the undersurface but also create a great show room finish. 

Our crack repair services are reliable and durable. The results are always just outstanding making any old flooring look just like new. Our floor coverings provide a clean look and are maintenance free. If you want to get rid of your cracked floors whether indoor or outdoor Armored Floors Inc. crack repair is for you.
Use of commercial Armored Floors coatings are vital for any business. Highly durable and clean finishes provide safe working environments even in the most demanding circumstances. Our floors can protect you and your staff from unnecessary accidents due to inadequate flooring. The state of the art materials provide high performance resistance against spills of oils and chemicals. You can trust Armored Floors with your commercial flooring needs. 
Our Residential products can be used throughout the house to give your house a finished look. The finish provides a non-slip easy to clean coating that is safe for kids and pets. Our floors also work great in basements and garages to finish bare concrete. You and your neighbors will be impressed with your great new look. 
Armored Floors flooring systems are a perfect fit for any industrial setting. Our systems are extremely durable, non-slip surfaces that remain clean despite high traffic volume. Armored Floors can also put in safety lines. Any of our flooring options installed for industrial settings greatly enhance the working environment and can stand up to the wear and tear of an industrial setting. 
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Our products provide a non-slip easy to clean coating to transform any basic concrete floor into a work of art. Our trained staff can help you find a flooring system to fit any of your needs, whether those needs are residential, commercial, or industrial. Armored Floors are durable, easy to clean, and maintenance free. You and your neighbors will be impressed with your great new look. 

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